Can Becoming A Virtual Assistant Be A Full-time Career?

Virtual Assistant Services has primarily become an edge for small and big companies to help them successfully run their business. Hiring virtual assistants grew closer as to hiring employees onsite. Both of which has its pros and cons to which has been posted via “Proponents of outsourcing say it reduces costs, makes companies more competitive, and promotes economic growth worldwide.” — according to Since the trend for stay at home freelance virtual assistants grew rapidly over the years, many are getting more and more interested in shifting to this promising career.

What are the advantages of becoming a virtual assistant?

Being a virtual assistant can either be through outsourcing and insourcing. If you like to spend more time with your family, then this may be a good solution to great career shift since you may opt to have this done in the comforts of your own home with the presence of your loved ones nearby — this may probably be the best advantage there is in virtual assistance.

Here are the other advantages of becoming a VA:

  • You could supervise, and check your family especially the kids from time to time. Not to mention, you could enjoy seeing your children grow.
  • You have the opportunity of having to be paid more than your usual salary, plus bonuses too.
  • Less toxic working environment.
  • No annoying bosses who’ll pressure you if your work is done.
  • You have the control to work wherever, however, and whenever.
  • No traffic going to work is definitely a major bonus.
  • No more hoarding of business attire – you can even work in pajamas!
  • You have ample time on general house cleaning.

So you see, these advantages are amongst what you could use as reasons for a career shift. If it makes you happy then it is not bad at all!

Can becoming a virtual assistant be a full-time career?

If you are like me who doesn’t have any issues in just staying at home, then transitioning to a Virtual Assistant as a job would not be a problem. The advantages were enough reasons why I chose to do become a virtual assistant. I wanted to spend more and more time with my family. If given that one day I would become a mother, I want to see my kids grow. It’s those precious moments that you call priceless. It’s really good to have control with your time. And what’s more amazing is that you get to enjoy your day without traffic & rush hour; without having the problem what you would wear for work; without being stuck in the same environment over and over again; and most of all, without any boss who pressures you 24/7.

You get to be happy while earning. You get to have closer ties with your family. It’s this simple joys that matter. And if you would ask me again, can becoming a virtual assistant be a full-time career? I would proudly say yes, with a lovely smile from ear to ear.

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